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ARTICLE: At Home in San Diego with Shannon and Steffen Peters

The 2015 Pan American Games double gold winner opens the doors to his California-base.

It’s 8 o’clock on a Saturday morning in June, and Arroyo Del Mar has been quietly humming for hours. Two horses are blowing off steam in the turnouts, while others, like Steffen Peters’ rising star Rosamunde, linger in their outdoor runs, keeping an eye on the action. Across the property, Steffen and his World Equestrian Games (WEG) and World Cup partner, Legolas, are alone in the manicured dressage arena, getting in one of their final training sessions before heading east for the Pan American […]

ARTICLE: Dressage Position 101 with Shannon Peters

Become a more effective rider by finding and keeping your balance in the saddle.

In dressage, rider position and balance affect everything—the horse’s rhythm and tempo, his longitudinal and lateral balance and his willingness to go forward and come back. Being balanced in the saddle will also make your aids more clear to your horse. But as anyone who rides knows, finding and keeping your balance on a living, breathing, moving animal is an enormous challenge. Some people compensate by hanging on to the reins or gripping with their legs or tightening with their back. The result? The […]